O-1 Visa for Entrepreneurs

EB1-EB2 Green Card Get a Visa

O-1 Visa for Entrepreneurs

O-1 Visa is the most common visa for startup founders who wish to get a fast status to work and stay legally in the U.S.A. This visa does not give the spouse a work permit.

EB1-EB2 Green Card

EB-1 is a Green Card based on extraordinary abilities. EB-2 is an employment based Green Card. 

We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee for startup founders who wish to apply for EB-1 / EB-2 Green Cards. 

The US immigration service clearly outlines a 10 point criteria to validate the fact that you possess an extraordinary skill. For scientists, innovators, or entrepreneurs, the most relevant criteria include:

Being awarded prizes or awards for excellence on a national or international level.

Being a member of associations that require outstanding achievements.
Having been published in trade or major media publications.
Having made original scientific, scholarly or business contributions of major significance.

Being an author of scholarly articles in professional journals or other major media.

Having played a critical role for an organization with a distinguished reputation.

Find your niche, prove your worth and find yourself in the United States of America.

 Let us help you create a perfect description of your abilities.

Have you participated on a panel or individually as a judge of the work of others in the same or in an allied field of specialization?
Have you received a high salary or other remuneration for your services in comparison to others in your field?
Having your work been displayed at artistic exhibitions or showcases?
Have you enjoyed commercial successes in the performing arts?

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Why work with Founder Visa?

Our experienced legal professionals have been helping startup founders for over 12 years. We are experts in obtaining all types of visas. The application process for a EB-1 Visa is an immigrant green card petition for aliens with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. The EB-1 application grants Aliens with extraordinary abilities to obtain permanent residence within the United States. EB-1 Visa Timeline: EB-1 6 months time line if you submit together, or it can be 1.5 years. Forms: I-140 and I-485 If the case if very strong you do it together. If you are not sure how strong is the case, you do them separately. Do both and get faster the combo card – which is your employment and travel authorization card.

Combo Card

This is what a Combo Card looks like

A few steps you need to take to obtain the EB-1 visa:


  1. Fill in the questionnaire and sign up
  2. Prepare all the papers
  3. Get a medical evaluation
  4. Get you fingerprints taken
  5. Submit all the documents
  6. Wait 3-7 months (or 14 days if you go premium)

Once I-140 gets approved, USCIS automatically processes the I-485, which takes 6 months. 60 days later you get the Combo Card. After 6 months you obtain a Green Card for 10 years.

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Founder Visa lawyers know what it takes to win your visa application. We live and breath startup immigration law. We serve as advisors to numerous start ups and invest actively in many. We are paperless office. We use electronic questionnaires and forms to ensure efficiency & accuracy.

Green Card

Articles /pr/ investment/ patents/ speaker gigs/ awards/ important board members/ winning competitions/ conferences. Unique recognition in your field can be used as evidence to prove your case.

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You get 1 FREE phone call. We know how to manage your immigration process. Once we’ve talked over the phone, we’ll let you know which route is best suited to you. Our consultation call is free and will give you a genuine picture of your options.

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